2013. február 2., szombat

Extra Special Valentine

One of my fav day of the year is coming, the day full of love, faith and passion, day of lovers this is the Valentine Day!So first I wrote little wishlist about the possibilities,what I want to do in this day with my boyfriend. And two clip of Victoria´s Secret, it´s very hot, so let´s check it, and in the posts ending you can see my wishlist,and ideas to this special day.

OH, and what are you think about this day, do you like it? And what´s your ideas to this day will be perfect and special ? :)

I dont like the clishés, but some clishé will be perfect with little bit variation and creativity. I dont like the very cheaper suprises, cause I think  not from this will be perfect why I chose  this things:
/vote what is your favorite idea/

1. Dinner with Champagne and Strawberry

2. Together bathing

3. Funny photoshoot what ever made

4. Special lingerie only to Valentine

5. "Home made" photoshoot about this special day,and this montage will be the part of the suprise

6. Making song with this lyrice , inspired by Marilyn Monroe "Happy Valentine to you.."

To sum up, I will choose one of this:)


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