2012. szeptember 8., szombat

one of the famous hotel of the World, the BRODY HOUSE, Budapest

I want to talking about one of my fav. places, now first the hungarian Brody House(hotel)! 

Something more, about the history: The wonderful Brody House was originally built in the mid 1800s, and the rebuilt in 1896, and is now a hub of creativity, suppoerint both local and international artist with original art in every, everey room :) In addition, the concierge is said to be so well-connected that u can pretty much have the keys to the city during ur stay so VIP tickets and restaurant bookings are a breeze.

From the website- "Brody House is ur hip but intimate base, offering u the virtual keys to Budapest(Hungary) Whetever it be art bars, clubs, music, restaurants,shops or spas, staying at Brody House is ur passport to the best that Budapest has offer"

 I would love to go there, its a cool ide too for a hotel. This place in ubeliveable. The rooms with the crumbly walls, or something plus, thats perfect.  

Room prices start at just 50euro per night/Its unbelievably cheap / 

Shall we have a look around...

At last, whats ur favourite room? I hope u enjoyed 

- Lia

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